Dawson College, the ball is in your court

Hamed has handed a legal waiver to Dawson College allowing them to discuss the entirety of the events leading up to his expulsion. We here at #HamedHelped look forward to their response. Now that they can no longer hide behind their veil of legality, they’ll be able to share any documents they so decide, including [...]

Day 1

34,000 clicks. 22 interviews. 5,000 signatures. 7 job offers. 1 scholarship. 0 readmission. 0 refund. 0 apology. We know many of you still have many questions. We promise we’ll get to them tomorrow. But for now, sleep. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and for putting up with our server overload. Please keep sharing [...]

Going public

Today, Hamed makes his story public. Check out Ethan Cox‘s exclusive in the National Post and listen as Hamed gives his first radio live on CBC Daybreak at 07:15 SET.